What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is exactly what it sounds like – storage in the cloud. It’s a service that lets you store terabytes of information on another’s server. Cloud storage is usually located in a data center, so your websites and file transfers are faster. In some cases, the cloud host is faster than your local network transfer rates.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Jan 27 1015

Choosing a Cloud Storage Host

If you search online for cloud storage host, you’ll be bombarded with options. Which host should you choose? This brief guide gives you some tips on choosing the right cloud storage host that works within your budget, business model, and collaboration processes.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Feb 17 1015

Options to Consider When Choose a Cloud Storage Host

If you do a search in Google, you’ll probably see hundreds of cloud storage hosts offering what seems like the same solutions for your business. Even though most cloud hosts look the same, most of them have slight differences and changes in their contract that can make or break your technology costs. You need the right cloud storage host to create the right environment for your business. Here are some options to consider when you shop for a cloud storage host.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Feb 25 1015

Are Free Cloud Storage Options Any Good?

There are several free cloud storage options on the market. Some of these options also have paid versions, but are they right for you? Free cloud storage has its limitations that many of the paid versions don’t have. Here are some basic pros and cons when working with free cloud storage.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Mar 15 1015

Backup and Recovery Tools Using Cloud Storage for Business

At some point, your business will probably need to work with backups or perform disaster recovery. This is why cloud storage is so useful. Cloud storage gives you the ability to store large amounts of files that you might one day need for disaster recovery. Here are some tools and tips when you want to perform backups and recovery of your files.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Mar 31 1015

Integrating Cloud Storage into Your Day-to-Day Projects?

Cloud storage has numerous benefits to small, medium and large businesses. The first issue some businesses might have is just exactly how to integrate project management and software design into a cloud storage host. How do you move to the cloud? What types of processes are good for cloud hosting and collaboration? Here are a few tips for integrating your current projects and management to your new cloud solution.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Apr 7 1015

Keeping Your Cloud Files Secure

The cloud has several advantages, but one disadvantage is that it opens up several security holes for hackers. When you store anything online, you must take precautions in securing it from the latest hacks or phishing attempts. Here are some tips for securing your online files and integrating security into your online cloud storage processes.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Apr 17 1015

Key Points to Remember with Cloud Storage

Once you’ve made the decision to move to the cloud, there are certain key points to remember. You don’t want to make the transition without the necessary precautions and procedures or you could turn an otherwise organized system into a disorganized platform. Here are some things to think about before you move to the cloud.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Apr 21 1015

Tips for Deployment to the Cloud

Once you’ve established your cloud account and developed your product, the next step is to deploy your application to the cloud. Deploying to the cloud is a delicate process since one wrong move can cause your application to crash. You also want to take security precautions. Here are some tips for deploying your application, storage, and processes to the cloud.

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By Jennifer Marsh - Aprl 25 1015

Collaboration in the Cloud for Developers

You’re an expert in your field, but it’s difficult to choose the right tools and collaboration platform for your developers. Developers usually work in teams, so they need the right tools to share files, documents, photos, code, and tasks. Many times, you also have a project manager or others who also share and collaborate with the developers. Here are some considerations for your platform and cloud storage host when you shop around for these services.

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By Jennifer Marsh - May 1 1015