Zeplyn takes copyright violations seriously and works to protect the privacy of our users as well as the intellectual property of other parties. Zeplyn is bound by laws in respect to author’s and creative talent’s intellectual property. Users may not distribute or publicly display any works of art or other content without express authorization of the owner.

We take immediate action with any DMCA notice including takedown notices and respond to notices upon receiving notification of copyright infringement. Any user accused of copyright infringement and ultimately resulting in content being removed will receive consequences including and up to cancellation of service and disabling access to any and all Zeplyn products and services.

Notices of Copyrighted Work

Please see our specifications for submitting takedown notices for copyright infringement.
1) Please include the location and link to any infringing content. If you have more than one link, please give a detailed list of each location.
2) Include a physical or electronic signature with each notice from the respective owner or an authorized person acting on behalf of the owner.
3) Include sufficient information including the name, address and phone number of the owner or authorized person working on behalf of the owner.
4) A statement that provides verification that the information is accurate and under penalty of law is within the owner’s exclusive rights.
5) Information and identification of the original work being infringed with respective URLs or links to the infringing material.

Counter Notification

All Zeplyn users are afforded the right to reply and offer a counter notice upon receiving a copyright infringement notice. The copyright owner also gives Zeplyn sufficient time to respond or remove the copyrighted material. When responding to a takedown notice, include the following information.
1) A statement that the account or URL was removed due to copyright infringement.
2) A statement that provides sufficient information to identify the copyrighted material removed including the URL and user account information.
3) A statement that provides under penalty of law that the user believes in good faith the information was not copyright infringement but removed by mistake or misidentification.
4) The user account and applicable information associated with the account to correctly identify the contact.
5) The user’s electronic signature or physical signature.
6) Submit any counter notices to Zeplyn’s DMCA designated agent with the address provided below.

Repeat Offender Termination Policy

Users are responsible for distributing only works of original ownership or works with expressed permission from the owner. Upon notification of copyright infringement, Zeplyn will immediately suspend access to the user account and any infringing material. Zeplyn will inform the user of account suspension and place a notice on the user’s account. Only after removal of the content will the infringing user have access restored.
Zeplyn works on a “three strikes” rule. Repeat offenders are subject to permanent account termination and all moneys, content, and storage will be forfeited.