1. What is Zeplyn?

Zeplyn is a full-service cloud environment made for developers by developers. We offer collaboration tools for project management, documentation, and code development. We let developers share files across an organization and collaborate with key shareholders as projects progress.

2. How much storage space to you offer?

Zeplyn offers 5GB of free storage and 100GB and 1TB depending on your pricing plan choice.

3. How much does Zeplyn cost?

Zeplyn has two premium pricing plans with various monthly durations. Prices start at $12.99 for 100GB for 30 days and up to 365 days at a reduced cost of $7.50 each month. We also have 1TB plans that start at $39.99 for 30 days and up to 365 days at $16.67 each month.

4. What is Zeplyn’s privacy policy?

We believe that your code and content is your own. We offer end-to-end encryption, secure uploads and downloads, and global access to all of your files. We do not share you files with any other sources and value your privacy.

5. How can I access my files?

We offer syncing tools for all major operating systems and platforms. We have apps for desktops, Android and iOS.

6. What differentiates your service from others?

Zeplyn offers developers a unique way to customize their own environment. Developers can add plugins and features to their projects and integrate preferences based on their own code.